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Prowess Pursuit has been named to pursuing the right skill with the utmost expertise, transparency, and methodically. We took the courage to compete with the Indian Immigration leaders, starting our journey in 2018, our focused area is always to cater the right commitment to our clients. Immigration is not just another journey, it is a passion, a dream, a well-planned investment. Prowess is equipped with the strongest market leaders;people associated with us are more than 10+Years of Domain expertise. We are connected with CELTA Certified Trainers, providing 8777 is our forte. With having 10+ RCIC, Multiple MARA agents, and law firms we are assuring Immigration success.

Prowess works in a manner where your immigration success will be inhabitable. Migration is a decision that an individual can make, however without handholding support, the decision could land nowhere zone.

One flagship program, multiple countries, endless opportunity

Consult with the best immigration consultants, who are knowledgeable, good listeners, and right impactful counselors. There is an ultra-thin line of guidance and advice. At Prowess, we commit to providing the exact guidance through our Flagship Program. Taking Immigration decision, you are making difference than others and hence you must and should stands-out in from the queue. So do Prowess provide the exact deliverables where you can be visible and make your mark from the Immigration crowed.
We welcome you with Transparency, Integrity, and empathy.
We write what we commit, we deliver what we promise.
We are just not another Immigration company; we are Prowess Pursuit.
Mission 8777

9 out of 10 people scored 8777 at Prowess

People who want to migrate to Canada, Australia either study or PR, even any other program they are familiar with this term 8777. For more than 7 years it has been observed if a person fails to secure 8777, migration is not a possible opportunity.

If we talk with real-time data, 66% of people who sit for the IELTS General exam, failed to secure desired IELTS band. This leads to low chances or even people dropped the immigration plan.


Last 7 years immigration industry hasn’t been taking the urge to solve this 8777 puzzle. Immigration players were busy filling with whatever the band is. At Prowess, we break the myth, with confidence, commitment, and coordination. Prowess giving written commitment of securing 8777. MIssion8777 is the model, where we provide Iam-8777 coaches and secure the desired band.

8777, is beyond just a number. Getting 8777 is not about your dedication, not about your passion for achieving the desired number, not even about practice and patience. 8777 is all about your strategy, progression with understanding, and viability. Bookish knowledge and recording class have limited access, whereas the real certified and professional trainer can coach you and make you an eligible candidate for 8777band.