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Immigration to New Zealand from India

A Licensed New Zealand Immigration Consultant in Kolkata

Known as one of the most beautiful lands on this planet, New Zealand witnesses a large number of immigrants every year. The ‘Land of Kiwis’ provides some of the most golden opportunities for overseas professionals and students for living and working. A country with some of the most established MNCs and educational institutions, New Zealand offers some of the best visa policies for those willing to migrate to this country and experience the rich culture and lifestyle there.

With over a decade of experience, Prowess Pursuit, located in Kolkata, has been established as one of the best immigration consultants for New Zealand. Our team comprising of some of the most highly certified counsellors and Licensed Immigration Advisor of New Zealand who guides candidates willing to immigrate to New Zealand for pursuing a better life, quality education or an exciting vacation. Witnessing an impressive number of successful candidates, we ensure that those who dream to live, work or study in this marvellous country, are able to do so in the shortest period of time.

What Is the Special Category Visa for New Zealand?

According to one’s need and purpose of stay in New Zealand, they need to apply for a particular type of visa. While you may get some information online, our skilled team guides all applicants with the basic necessities and important things that need to be kept in mind while applying. Some of the visa categories that one can apply for are as follows:

Tourist Visa

New Zealand Tourist/Visitor Visa

Through the tourist visa, those willing to travel and visit New Zealand can do so and enjoy the picturesque vistas of this country. This visa allows one to stay for almost nine months, but they cannot work or earn a living with this visa type. One can enjoy every corner of the country for recreational purposes or to meet friends and family.
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New Zealand Student/Study Visa

As New Zealand is a hot-spot for students willing to gain knowledge from its world-renowned universities, the country offers the study visa for the same. Foreign students can seek admission from their preferred institutions and stay in the country with this visa. In some cases, this visa type also allows students to work in order to gain global exposure and practical knowledge in their area of study.
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New Zealand PR Visa

This visa type allows one to live and work in New Zealand permanently even if they are not the citizens of the country. This is the Skilled Migrant Category visa leading to permanent residency in New Zealand.
Tourist Visa

New Zealand Work Visa

New Zealand offers extensive employment opportunities across a multitude of fields. Therefore, it offers the work visa for overseas employees which allows one to earn and live comfortably in the country. By adhering to a certain set of eligibility criteria, one can qualify to obtain this visa.
becoming a permanent Australian resident

New Zealand Investor Visa

Providing a threshold of opportunities for international investors and business persons, this visa allows those travelling to New Zealand to stay in the country and engage in commercial deals or explore for investment opportunities. This has led to an ever-growing network of global business opportunities in New Zealand.
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New Zealand Partner Visa

This visa provides an opportunity for people to travel and live in New Zealand with their Kiwi partners. It also allows one to support their Kiwi partner financially and stay in the country with their family and live without any constraints.

Why Should You Migrate to New Zealand?

According to surveys conducted over the last few years, New Zealand has topped as one of the best places to live and work in the entire world. Located in the Pacific Ocean, the country offers the best lifestyle choices and experiences a pleasant climate throughout the year. Vast stretches of green land, food choices, entertainment hubs and the metropolis altogether make it a wonderland.

Benefits of Immigration to New Zealand

How Can You Immigrate To New Zealand?


Skilled Migration Opportunity

Due to the increasing number of companies and organisations in New Zealand, there is a growing need for skilled professionals from around the world. Through the Skilled Migration Category, overseas professionals are being recruited by these companies across various industries like tech, hospitality, finance, entertainment and more.


Immigration Through Education for Students

Institutions. Foreign students with a student visa can be allowed to work for hands-on training with the post study work visa type.

Immigration through Investment

Known to be a treasure trove of business opportunities, immigrating to New Zealand is possible for business people or investors. One can enjoy their stay in the country and engage in commercial negotiations.


Sponsorship From A Family Member Or Organization

Uniting with your family based out of New Zealand is possible with a sponsorship by a member of your family. One can immigrate to this country if they are going to marry a Kiwi or a permanent resident of New Zealand or may even work for a religious and non-profit organisation.

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Immigrating to a new country is one of the most difficult decisions of one’s life. We at prowess Pursuits understand the impact of this step and take full charge of an applicant’s journey to live their dreams abroad. New Zealand has always been one of the most preferred countries for immigration and our team has been handling the same for years now. Our highly trained expert paralegal staff in collaboration with the Licensed Immigration Advisor of New Zealand make sure that every applicant understands and knows about each step in their registration and application for immigration. As we collaborate with both national and international legal experts for providing the best services, our well-integrated system makes us the most trusted immigration consultants in India.
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Questions & Answer

How many points do you need to immigrate to New Zealand?
Some of the important factors that impact one’s points for immigration are the age, education qualification, spouse qualification, and work experience. A minimum of 100 points is required after which one can apply their Expression of Interest. However, it must be noted that the current invitation from the EOI is 160 points.
What are the requirements to immigrate to New Zealand?
Those immigrating to New Zealand to build their careers should be below the age of 56 years. They must fulfil the requirements of good health, character and also pass the English language test. Those applying with an Expression of Interest need to obtain at least 100 points for their applications to be processed. The current invitation is for 160 points. The applicant must nominate an occupation from the skilled occupation list, have the relevant qualifications, and also have appropriate experience in the relevant occupation.

Is New Zealand a safe country to live?
New Zealand is one of the best and secure places to live. The neighbourhood is quite friendly and people around are very helpful. The crime rates are also low in most places.

Is New Zealand expensive?
New Zealand offers a good lifestyle for people belonging to different economic strata. Rotorua, Hamilton, Christchurch and New Plymouth are some of the most affordable places. The metropolitan areas of Auckland are comparatively more expensive. The rent of a two or three bedroom apartment is approximately $390 per week. Also, there are various budget-friendly restaurants and clubs to spend quality time in.
What is the immigration process for New Zealand?
The application for immigration to New Zealand varies from one applicant to another. Those immigrating for working and settling need to apply through an Expression of Interest (EOI) and need to check for a suitable occupation under the skill shortage list. Once they are invited from the EOI, they can then apply for a skilled migrant category (SMC) visa. After the submission of all requried additional documents in suport of the claims made in the EOI, if one successfully passes the health, character and English test, then they get the chance to get to immigrate to New Zealand.

How long does the immigration process take?
As every applicant has a unique purpose for applying for immigration, thus the time taken varies from one applicant to another. Expression of interest is valid for 6 months. Once the application for Skilled Migration Category is invited from the Expression of Interest, then it may take between 12 to 18 months for a decision of visa.

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