- Canada’s Immigration levels plan aims to admit 485,000 permanent residents in 2024.

- In 2023, Canada processed 146,000 study permits for Indians.

- Immigrate to Canada Through the Express Entry application management system

Work in Canada

Canada's Need for Skilled Workers: A Shift Towards Selectivity

Canada is in dire need of skilled workers to fill its labor gaps. While this demand has opened doors for many to immigrate, the landscape is evolving. Canada now seeks quality over quantity in its immigrants. The contrast between those aspiring for Canada PR and those who successfully obtain it highlights this shift. At Prowess we work on making your profile more visible to selectors and increase your PR chance to as high as 90%.


Shift your perspective: Canada PR is more than just a checklist; it's a strategic game plan.

Highlight your versatility: Keep showcasing your adaptable skills to stand out.

Cast a wider net: Don't limit yourself to one pathway; expand your options to increase your chances.

Choose the right path: Opt for the most effective method, not the quickest, to secure your PR.

Take control: Believe in your ability to influence your PR outcome through proactive efforts.

Express Entry - With Guarantee and Money Back on Non RCIC

Express Entry non-RCIC: For profiles which are straight forward without any complications both on personal and professional front, Prowess recommends a non-RCIC based immigration process. As the entire process is done by Prowess, this is a highly cost effective program and provides client with a great advantage to invest the savings into maximizing the PR chances. As prowess takes complete accountability of processing here while working with clients to increase their PR chances, it provides an edge to the clients to reinvest the savings to build their skill transferability.

Express Entry Program

Money Back Program

A flagship program by Prowess, it demonstrates the depth of understanding and confidence Prowess has in the Canada Immigration Process. As part of this program Prowess ensures highest CRS possible for your application and if not achieved you will be refunded with processing Fee. The program is crafted to handpick people with highest chances of immigration and that will be enabled through high CRS. Being one of the unique in the industry, this program is unparallel in its appeal an value to the clients of Prowess.

A Difficult Dream We Be Ace It

Most immigration consultants in India consider Express Entry based selection as extremely difficult option, however, at Prowess we invest in candidate’s future by helping them build their profile. Our Flagship program on CRS Assurance is aimed to making candidates profile Express Entry selection eligible. While for many it’s a difficult dream, at Prowess we ace it the best.

While it might appear as a difficult option due to high cut off scores, it is possible for candidates to ace through express entry by focusing on important factors like category draw, taking steps to maximize CRS and by timing the application rightly.

At Prowess we take steps at every stage of immigration process to maximize your CRS and work with you to build a profile that cannot miss the eye of selectors of your application.

A Difficult Dream We Be Ace It
Skill Transferability Is the Key

Skill Transferability Is the Key

A fundamental fact grossly overlooked both by consultants and aspirants alike, Skill Transferability is a make or break for Canada Immigration. This factor is so important that you will hardly find pages in CIC portals without a reference to it. Skill transferability demonstrates how easily a candidate is employable in Canadian economy and has a lot of bearing on how both the employers and immigration council perceives the candidate. It is not an over statement that its your skill transferability that defines how successful your immigration will be.

This is the core of Prowess immigration and we are completely a different breed of company which not only advocated importance of Skill Transferability to clients but also helped many clients to demonstrate high skill transferability

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Canada Immigration Simplified

ICCRC Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants In India

There are times when you land up better opportunities in foreign land. Of course, you take up those opportunities because you are as much a human resource as anyone else living a better quality of life! Canada is one such country where any educated individual can get a job with better prospects. Us, at Prowess Pursuit will help you out in the best way possible to get you a VISA solution for Canada through a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant. So if you were searching for consultants throughout the city, search no more!

Canada is a magnificent country to consider immigration from India. We say so because you find a lot of Indian Diaspora there and you will love the environment provided by this nation both for personal and professional growth as an immigrant. But as any unaware or mislead aspirants, you might also be worried that you don’t have complete knowledge of the procedures required of sometimes in most cases they carry wrong unauthorized knowledge.But now Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted. Us at Prowess Pursuit with the RCIC will make sure that you get everything done right while moving to Canada!

Why Choose Canada

Moving to Canada Is an Investment You Won’t Regret

Canada is a country that offers a plethora of opportunities for people from all walks of life. Its natural beauty, diverse population, and thriving economy make it one of the most attractive places to live in the world. Here are some of the advantages of moving to Canada that are sure to leave you feeling emotional and warm:

Immigration Consultant in Kolkata for Canada

The country has announced that it is open to a lot of immigrants in the coming years and as such you should not miss the opportunity to provide yourself with a better place in the world. Choose Prowess Pursuit as your partner because of the following reasons:


best canadian immigration consultants
We process your file directly by an authorized RCIC which in turn ensures that you are dealt with complete transparency and get protected by law, nothing can be assured if you are not sailing in a secured ship.
Our RCIC is a regulatory council member who has remained in good standing since the inception of the body and is enforced with a strict code of conduct by the regulatory council so that both the candidates and consultants best of interest is safeguarded in the court of law.
We provide a wide variety of customized services within the RCIC Professional Fee.
We represent the biggest network of working professionals in Canada that our candidates get benefited with after they land in Canada.
Budget is always an issue with people. This is why we like to make you happy by keeping our prices fixed and our costs low.

What Our Client Says

Success stories from Prowess Pursuit clients. These success stories not only highlight the resilience and determination of our clients but also showcase the expertise and commitment of Prowess Pursuit in facilitating positive immigration outcomes.

Questions & Answer

What services does Prowess Pursuit offer to assist with Canadian immigration?
At Prowess Pursuit, we offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at facilitating the Canadian immigration process. Our team of experts specializes in navigating the complexities of immigration regulations and requirements. We provide personalized guidance to highlight your strengths and potential, helping you develop a comprehensive profile that showcases your skills and qualifications. Our services are designed to improve your chances of success by offering support at every stage of the immigration journey.

How does Prowess Pursuit personalize its guidance and support for individuals seeking to immigrate to Canada?
Prowess Pursuit takes a personalized approach by working closely with each individual. We understand that everyone's circumstances are unique, so we tailor our guidance to align with your specific skills, experience, and qualifications. Our experts dedicate time to gaining a deep understanding of your profile, ensuring that our support is customized to maximize your chances of success in the Canadian immigration process.

Q3. What IELTS Score required for Canada?
At Prowess Pursuit, our commitment to integrity is unwavering. We reject any shortcuts or empty promises, ensuring that our clients receive honest and transparent assistance. We take pride in upholding the highest standards of professionalism throughout the immigration process. Our dedication to understanding your unique circumstances sets us apart, and we are committed to guiding you with empathy and expertise, making your immigration journey with us reliable and trustworthy.

How does Prowess Pursuit navigate the complexity of the Canadian immigration process, and what kind of support is provided at each step?
Navigating the complexity of the Canadian immigration process is our expertise. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest regulations, ensuring that you receive accurate and timely guidance. We provide support at every step of the process, from developing your profile to assisting with documentation and applications. Our goal is to make the entire journey as smooth as possible, offering detailed assistance and guidance tailored to your individual circumstances.

What is Prowess Pursuit's ultimate goal in helping individuals immigrate to Canada, and how does the organization ensure success for its clients?
Prowess Pursuit's ultimate goal is to empower individuals with the confidence and ease to realize their dreams of immigrating to Canada. We leave no stone unturned in our commitment to your success. Our team works tirelessly to provide unwavering support, ensuring that you are in the best possible hands throughout the immigration process. With our personalized approach, dedication to integrity, and comprehensive services, Prowess Pursuit strives to make your immigration dreams a reality.

Canada Visa Types

Our consultants specialise in a variety of different visas that are offered by Canada. We will make sure that you get the right information before filling up the visa form. The visas offered are:

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