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Immigration to Australia from India

Australian Immigration Consultancy Services

Emerging as the leaders of migration consultancy for Australia, Prowess Pursuit sets the benchmark in providing advice for moving to one of the one world’s most prosperous countries. With impeccable guidance by Australian registered counsellors under the governance of highly expert Immigration lawyers of Australia who directly process the applicant’s file, there is an optimum assurance of quality standards of all legal procedures and of one’s quest to the country of premium living. These salient proceedings of migration start with a Registered Migration Agent who is responsible to navigate your profile through all formal affairs and also mandate Australian legal specialists whenever required.

The adept legal team of Prowess Pursuit crafts the blueprint of your file which is then forwarded to the Australian Registered Migration Agent. Our team ensures that your file is processed directly by the Australian Immigration Lawyer whos is also a Registered Migration Agent registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority, a first-of-its-kind in India, so that your voyage to Australia for an idyllic life, quality study or a lucrative career is immaculate and hassle-free.

Categories Of Australia Visa

Australia is a country of various opportunities, superior education and stellar living. Due to the high immigration rates into this resourceful country, there are certain immigration rules which one is required to follow to hold a valid visa. There are various types of visas available according to one’s needs and purpose of visiting or living in Australia. A visa is mandatory before entering this magnificent country which acts as a permit for foreigners to stay in Australia for a specific period of time. One can apply for a visa that suits them best and enjoy a blissful stay in this beautiful island nation.

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

It is a prerequisite for travellers, explorers or those visiting Australia for a vacation. One requires a valid passport, identity proof, leave applications etc., to apply for this visa type. It can be issued as per the requirement of the visitor such as for two, four or twelve months.
becoming a permanent Australian resident

Permanent Resident Visa

This visa is applicable for those who successfully accomplish in becoming a permanent Australian resident. The application for this visa requires one to adhere to some specific laws and procedure which needs careful understanding by the applicant. He/she will receive the full permission to live as well as work in Australia after acquiring the Permanent Resident Visa.
australia Student Visa

Student Visa

Essentially for students who want to pursue their higher education in a notable Australian institute, are required to apply for a student visa. Our proficient team of consultants offers the best advice for students who want to study in Australia, which is one of the most preferred educational hubs.
Tourist Visa

Working and Skilled Visa

Australia provides opportunities for people aged between 18 to 30 years to enjoy a holiday as well as work, to understand the lifestyle in the country for a year to up to four years. The visas under this category includes work visa (subclass 482), Recognized Graduate Visa (subclass 476), and long stay activity visa (subclass 401).
becoming a permanent Australian resident

Business and Investment Visa

For business professionals or investors, this visa is crucial in order to live and do business in Australia. Applicants may apply for any of the four streams of visas under this category, according to their purpose of visit and submit appropriate documents. They may apply for an initial 12 months Business visitor visa, and visit Australia for making a study on their business opportunities. Later can apply for an appropriate investment migration visa.
australia Student Visa

Australian Family Visas

Specifically for those who are either married to or are going to be married to an Australian citizen, can apply for this type of visa. As per their relationship with the Australian resident, one can apply for various types of visas such as spouse visa, fiancé visa, parent visa, family relationship visa and interdependent partner visa.

What is the quickest way to immigrate to australia

Australia has been known to be one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. It offers an equal opportunity to study, work and settle for people who want to live life to the fullest. Our dedicated team of visa experts renders the best instructions that one needs to know for immigrating to this wonderful country.

General Skilled Migration

Skilled professionals who get hired in Australia can apply for a skilled visa. Through an assessment and an Expression of Interest, an applicant can successfully acquire this visa.

Employer Sponsorship

Firms in Australia are always looking forward to employing a diverse skilled workforce. Securing a visa by a skilled migrant can thus be sponsored by the Australian employer such as the temporary work visa or the employer nomination class visa.

Business Skills Migration

Australia welcomes business executives or investors to participate in trade and commerce through the Australian business visa (subclass 188). Our team offers a fully guided walkthrough of this entire process of applying for this visa type which is further divided into three streams.

Regional Sponsored Migration

Employers in Australia can provide opportunities to overseas workers through the 187 visa. Under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, permanent work visas are offered to skilled migrants in areas of the country with a lower percentage of employees.

Benefits of Immigration to Australia

Top Reasons To Immigrate To Australia from India

Superlative Career Growth

The last few decades have seen a multitude of MNCs and startups in Australia implying that there is a growing need for efficient workforce. Thus, this has opened an avenue of opportunities for migrants who are job seekers or investors from all across the globe.

Route to Citizenship

Securing Australian citizenship is also possible for permanent residents. Through a series of assessments, permanent residents can apply for citizenship. Moreover, children born to immigrant parents, who are permanent residents, also qualify to be Australian citizens.

Exceptional Education System

Australia tops for its quality education system in the entire world. With mentors highly specialized in their respective fields, this country is the hub of the best schools and universities. With the availability of free and compulsory education for children between the ages of five to sixteen, studying in Australia is a worthwhile experience for every student.

Visa for Couples

Australian law allows partner visas for immigrants who are either married or are committed to Australian citizens. This provides an opportunity for couples to live without any restraints.

Flourishing Economy

With a high GDP growth rate every year, the Australian economy has been tagged as one of the most successful economies of the world. The country’s service industry contributes to 70 percent of the GDP and the recent years have also witnessed a major boost in the standard of living of the people.

Opulent Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle in Australia is lavish and liberal. Food, music, sports, and events from all across the world are available. The culture of the country celebrates its diverse population which givesrise to a harmonious community.

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In recent years, Australia has been welcoming more immigrants as a result of which, it has become one of the most preferred destinations for residing/working/studying. At Prowess Pursuit, one finds the most insightful information and guidance from ace immigration counselors with years of experience from both the country and the international arena. Some more vital key points why we stand out from the rest are as follows:

  • We use digital technology to process all kinds of visas through an online system that is transparent, protected and swift.
  • All visa applications are handled by immigration experts which reduces any chances of error.
  • For the first time in India, an immigration consultancy i.e., Prowess Pursuits, allows all visa applicants to directly interact with the Immigration Lawyers of the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). The applicant’s file is then processed directly by them, which is in itself a major boon for all those aspiring for a visa.
  • Our team also comprises legal experts with whom you can connect without any hurdles at your preferred location.
  • We offer online solutions to any queries if any.
  • Our budget-friendly fee allows people to aspire and live overseas without the added stress of spending a hefty amount for their visas
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Questions & Answer

Q1. What immigration services does Prowess Pursuit offer for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand?
Prowess Pursuit provides comprehensive immigration services, assisting individuals in their journey towards permanent residency in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our expert team guides applicants through the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience.
Q2. How does Prowess Pursuit support IELTS Exam Preparation for immigration purposes?
At Prowess Pursuit, we understand the importance of language proficiency. Our specialized IELTS Exam Preparation services are designed to help immigrants in India achieve the required scores for their immigration applications. We offer tailored programs to enhance language skills and boost confidence.
Q3.What job and recruitment services are available for immigrants through Prowess Pursuit?
Prowess Pursuit goes beyond immigration processes by offering job and recruitment services. We assist immigrants in India with job placement opportunities in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our team connects applicants with potential employers, facilitating a smoother transition to their new destination.
Q4. How does Prowess Pursuit assist with study abroad services for immigrants in India?
Prowess Pursuit extends its services to individuals seeking education opportunities abroad. Our study abroad services cater to immigrants in India who wish to pursue academic endeavors in Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. We provide guidance on educational institutions, application processes, and visa requirements.
With our extensive experience and expertise, we provide guidance and support to help individuals navigate through the complexities of immigration laws and procedures.

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